We believe that all our products should be constructed, delivered, used and ultimately disposed of, with due regard to the environment. This is why we take every opportunity to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle. By reducing our use of virgin products, minimising waste, reusing materials and streamlining our operations, we have been able to lower our costs. We then pass these savings onto our clients.

Reuse / Repair

Our products are built to last but when you do get damages, we will always look at repairing before replacing with new. For all your unwanted furniture, we have schemes with charitable partners where the usable furniture is reused or re-manufactured and supplied back to a number of social, community and other chartable organisations. The aim of the scheme is to divert waste from land fill sites and give furniture a “Second Life”


For furniture that has come to the end of its life, we can dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly ways. Parts are broken down and recycled and land fill waste is reduced wherever possible.

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