Finally, a Chair with All the Frills

I think this may be a new trend – chairs with frills

chairs with all the frills

Knoll Bertoia Plastic

One of our favourite chairs the Knoll Bertoia plastic brightening up our clients new restaurant. #knoll, #bertoia #pinkappledesign

knoll bertoia plastic chair

Contact us if you are looking for something bright and original to brighten up your office space or break out areas

File Audits

With the fast pace nature of business today, its very easy for companies to accumulate excess files and storage.  Even in today’s “paperless” business world, the nature for us to hoard and keep unnecessary amounts of files & paper, means that most companies storage accounts for 20% of rubbish.  When planning an office refurbishment or move, a formal storage audit can not only save you money on excess storage requirements, but it can also help get your business in shape and even introduce you to more efficient and effective ways of working.  From innovative high density roller racking to new process for archiving and destroying / recycling.  Contact us for more information or to see some result of recent audits which we have implement.


Filing Audit



Specialised Installation

SIS Office Interiors has recently completed a rather Specialised job.  We were tasked with supplying all the furniture for a high end imaging systems and components company.  The main challenge which we successfully overcame was the seamless intergeneration of specialised antistatic work benches into the production and open plan areas.

SIS00592(2) - Specialised Imaging 1st Floor 4

2017-01-28 17.02.25 2017-01-28 17.06.18

SIS00592 - Specialised Imaging 1st Floor Admin & Meeting 3D (2)2017-01-30 15.38.53


SIS Goes International

SIS are very proud to have completed their first international job. We had to overcome many challenges and a few late nights, but the results were fantastic and most importantly we left with one very happy customer.  We have set the bar very high; I’m not sure how you out do Sydney, but we are looking forward to the challenge.


2016-12-22-16-47-35 2016-12-22-15-55-29 2016-12-22-15-55-05

From Concept to Reality

We have recently help our client to space plan and design a new office.  We helped guide them through the complete process, from the concept all the way through to reality and completion.

From Concept




to reality2016-10-22-09-06-19

International Job

SIS has recently won its first international job in partnership with a regular key client.  Container is loaded and ready to be shipped.  Next stop Sydney!


Loft Room Space Planning

A recent project has presented us with an interesting challenge of space planning a loft space.  Not only do the slopping ceilings restrict the usable space, but the oddly placed pillars really impact on easy access to the desks.


I think the solution will create an amazingly unique space.


sis00567-fotw-portmill-hq-studio-3d-vs2 sis00567-fotw-portmill-hq-studio-3d-vs3



Passenger with Vroom

It looks like Hetty is enjoying her ride in the Porsche.  We always like to leave the site clean and tidy, no matter how the staff get there.



Delivering another successful installation

We have just completed another great installation including a bespoke pigeon hole unit and reception hatch.